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Individual Services
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Do you feel disconnected or stuck with your inner-critic getting the best of you? Do you struggle with having an authentic and meaningful life--one that includes freedom of shame, deeper intimacy, and enhanced pleasure? With a mindful-oriented approach I help individuals find and explore their authentic selves, including learning how to effectively communicate their desires, feelings, boundaries, and needs to reach a profound capacity for self-love and respect. I also help guide individuals into honoring their goals and dreams — transforming any shame, frustration, and overall negativity to cultivate their capacity to experience self-compassion, resilience, & tranquility.

Common issues that I work with include: anxiety; low self-esteem; grief and loss; trauma and abuse; and communication and intimacy issues.


For specific sexual health issues treated individually, I treat:  sexual identity issues, low desire and arousal; orgasmic difficulty and genital pelvic pain and penetrative disorder (GPPPD); and erectile issues.

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