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Relational Services
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Having problems communication? Not feeling so compatible or trusting of your partner? Many couples I work with have tried to resolve issues on their own but found that they feel stuck, frustrated, and unheard. For those that have a non-traditional lifestyle they may have also felt judged and misunderstood. Often when they come to see me I can immediately since their anguish, hurt, and doubt about their relationship.  

Couples that come to see me are often using their last bit of effort to help manage their relationship. They are tired but ready for a change. For some of these couples, as they begin to work through behavioral skills they gain insight on their role in the relationship and begin to explore new ways of reestablishing love, trust and intimacy. I am committed to helping reestablish this connection by providing you with a safe, unbiased space to begin navigating through the challenges of your relationship.

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