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Investing In Your Life and Relationships

The decision to invest in your own life will be seen through personal growth and healing throughout your mental health care. It will also reveal that you have made a decision to take control of your own life.

Before you begin the process, start by thinking about what you want to gain out of your session time.

  • What goals do you have for yourself? For your relationship?

  • What do you envision seeing throughout your sessions?

  • How will you know that you are getting what you want or need out of therapy? 

  • Can you accept change in your life?

  • What will be different once that change has occurred?

*Investing in yourself will be one of the greatest and rewarding decisions you will make.*

  • So ask yourself are you ready for that change?

  • Have you decided to take control of your life?

  • If so, then let's begin healing...

Self and Relationship Investment Fees:

  • 50 Minute Individual Therapy Session – $180

  • 50 Minute Couples Therapy – $200

  • 90 Minute Session – $250

  • Workshops – $500 per series ($200 for 1 day workshops only)

Accepted Payment Types:

  • All major credit cards.

Insurance Options:

  • I do not accept insurance, although if you would like to use your out of network insurance to submit for possible reimbursement on your own, I can provide that option in the form of a receipt or invoice of services.


  • Yes cancellations can happen however I consider the time and space I provide to be very important as it is catered towards each clients individual or relational problems. So should cancellations be pending (even if you are not fully sure) please notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you can’t make your appointment. Otherwise late fees can accrue.

Requirements: Commitment To Healing

  • Clients who are highly motivated and committed to healing, tend to have the best outcome. For those not able to continue due to financial strain you may be eligible to have reduced rates so that treatment is not interrupted.

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