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Emotional Emancipation Circles - EEC/Healing Circles


Emotional Emancipation Circles (EE Circles, EECs) are evidence-informed, psychologically sound, culturally grounded, and community-defined self-help support groups that are run by a facilitator and lead (such as myself).


As a facilitator, I have been trained to design a space to help heal and manage ongoing trauma caused by anti-black racism intersected with other forms of human oppression (homophobia, sexism, and transphobia to name a few).


The EEC training I received originated from the Community Healing Network, who developed a collaboration with The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) and were meant to be liberatory spaces in which Black people share their experiences to inform a deepened understanding of the impact of historical and current traumas impacting our sense of self-worth, our relationships, and our communities. The EECs also incorporate learn essentials including emotional wellness tools to help us be our best selves and with our identified communities.

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